• Tears are Burning
    Originally written September 11, 2001 [verse]what does it taketo kill a virgo sky?then bury it’s warmthbeneath ash and tar a heartless soulwielding warlike a coupon … Read more
  • Sunday Paper
    Originally written January 15, 2001 [verse]the headline reads ‘Man Insane!’He disappeared never seen again.a bizarre story it begins to tellabout a man  afraid to yell … Read more
  • Snowman
    Originally written November 20, 2000  [verse] a year of snow fell that day nary a child could stay away angels, igloos and men of kinds creations all from eager … Read more
  • Aerosol
    Originally written February 13, 2001 [intro]to create something from nothing at allin chemistry class, Harris Hallfriendship, happiness maybe morewe made something I can’t ignore [verse]it … Read more
  • When I Fall
    Originally written June 22, 2002 <verse>i’m only a tree, a piece of forestnot the tallest, not the shorteststanding straight among the restnever an oak, but … Read more
  • Autumn Lullaby
    Originally written October 4, 2000 come lay your heartnext to minewe’ve been aparttoo long this time souls will soothetogether we laysilk flows smoothas we fly … Read more
  • Kissed by a Dove
    Originally written April 17, 2000 when the sun rose this morningin a breath of orange and blueit was sign, not a warningtoday brings something new … Read more
  • Where is my soul
    Originally written October 27, 1999 what is love? is it part of my soul?where does it come from? where does it go?feelings are trapped in … Read more