The conservative social media bubble

By now everyone has heard that Facebook is running political ads purchased by Russians attempting to influence the 2020 election.  From what I can tell, this isn’t all that different from their 2016 hacking endeavors, which unfairly tilted a few states’ electoral college votes to swing right for the Republican candidate. 

I’ve realized that these ads are not necessarily trying to change anyone’s opinion, but provide a  confirmation bias that reinforces ones own beliefs.  If there are enough people being told that their brainwashed thinking is correct, they’ll defend their position to the end.  The problem is they’re defending Republican disinformation. 

If you use a platform such as Facebook, and the Facebook algorithms determine you lean more Conservative, they can amplify your friends’ conservative posts thus giving more credence to this set of beliefs.  Likewise if your friends post ant-liberal content, this too could be amplified. 

The thing is, Facebook seems more interested in Republican / Russian money than they are in disseminating facts.  I guess they never claimed to be a legitimate news source, but they are all about making money.  Users of Facebook need to understand that what they see and read has gone through a series of algorithms and the information you’re viewing may not be in your best interest, as the user, but to maximize the profitability of Facebook. 

While Russians & Republicans inject money into Facebook to push their agenda, the common user will see things they tend to agree with and like it, thus subjecting their friends on that platform to the same content. This makes the bubbles of people preaching to the choir and therefore believing whole-heartedly whatever they read, even if it is far from the truth.  The bubbles of people supporting each others beliefs tend to reinforce the idea that their beliefs are correct and the others are not. 

I firmly feel that Facebook working to aid the Republican party or at best they are just greedy and take money without regard to the agenda of their paying customers.  I deleted my Facebook account (over 2 years ago) and feel that others considering this, should do the same.  There are many other places to connect socially on the Internet.  I’ve switched to Twitter and even there the rules and regulations that Twitter imposes to limit the size of progressive / liberal groups.  It sure seems that conservative groups along with foreign actors are working to promote their ideas on Facebook and limit the growth of progressives on Twitter. 

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