Impeachment & the US Senate

I’ve been claiming that Donald Trump would be impeached during his first term since the day after the 2016 election.  At the time my conservative friends thought I was insane and after his first 2 years as president, they claimed that Congress hadn’t impeached him yet, how could ‘they’ suddenly find something new that would be worthy of such a drastic action?  Conservatives said this not realizing that the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives and Democrats were unable to do anything until the ‘blue wave’ of 2018. 

But here we are, in the course of just a few weeks the House impeached the president and conservatives think it’s just a polarized partisan grudge that Democrats are riding.  They continue to fail to learn the facts about what has been happening and the severity of the crimes Donald Trump has committed.  He has jeopardized national security by spilling secrets to his buddies, who happen to be the enemies of our country. He’s also obstructed justice at every opportunity, presumably to conceal crimes we are not yet aware. 

Conservatives still love to point at the economy and stock market, claiming the ‘good times’ are a result of their stable genius businessman.  Again, they’re not understanding how slowly the economy changes directions, especially when the mega-rich (that got the huge tax cuts) are helping boost the stock market.  Likewise they fail to see that the economic trends have continued along their same trajectory since Barack Obama was in the White House.  Just remember that Obama turned around a tanking economy left behind from his Republican predecessor.   

There are about 34% of Americans that feel the economy is good for them and many that are not directly feeling the economy is working well for them, are seeing the numbers and assuming that everyone is doing well.  The stock market tends to reflect the economy for those who invest in it, typically the very well off. 

The simple facts are, Donald Trump has cheated to boost the outcomes of elections and has used his office for his own personal benefit.  These actions are obvious and should not be tolerated from any person holding any office.  The proper way to handle these actions is through the use of impeachment and removal from office.  This is how are government was designed to handle situations such as these. 

With all of this evidence, the GOP controlled Senate will try to exonerate the president regardless of the evidence.  Mitch McConnell has said “there will be total cooperation between the Senate & White House” during the impeachment trial.  This is exactly how Russia has planned it and it is now apparent that they are blackmailing McConnell.  Any government that is susceptible to blackmail is in real trouble, yet conservatives seem to love Russia because of their ‘tough guy’ appearance. 

It’s likely the Senate will acquit the president on the impeachment charges, however if they don’t, there are a lot of questions as to what could happen.  Even if the president is not removed by the Senate, will he lose the 2020 election?  If so, will he leave office without a lot of fuss?  I think the only known outcome will be if he is reelected, and that would be a nightmare for all Americans. 

If the president does leave the office in the next year, what might Russia do to regain it’s control  of the government?  Don’t think for a minute that they’ll do nothing.  From their perspective, they are attacking us on a daily basis in order to control those who have the most direct control over our government.  They are working to break up the powers in the world that have caused them difficulties in trade as well as acquiring land from neighboring countries.  They want to control the land of their neighbors and take their natural resources. 

One basic thing Americans need to understand is that Putin is just as greedy as any other conservative.  His interests are not in his country, but in his wallet.  This is the same for our current president and the leaders of several other oligarchies around the world.  There are several world leaders that are wanting to make an elite rich-boys club, and I’d bet the higher ranking GOP members of Congress are willing to do anything to be included. 

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