As a graduate of Goodrich High School in 1982, I attended Western Michigan University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Graphics with a minor in Computer Science.  While at WMU my main extra-curricular activities were focused in the computer club – CCWMU.  As a first step into employment, I worked part-time at the Computer Aided Engineering lab. 

After college I was employed by a company in Grand Rapids, MI writing software for the fabric design industry.  I’ve since been employed by numerous computer software companies developing desktop, web and mobile applications using a wide variety of technologies.  I’m currently involved in the development of several Android mobile apps. 

I’ve volunteered and been involved with my family in local scouting groups, astronomy club and FIRST Robotics teams.  I applied technologies and personal experiences to the groups with which I volunteered and look forward to new volunteering opportunities in the future. 

I was raised in a Lutheran home, rarely attending church and was married in a Lutheran church.  My children were baptized in Lutheran churches and attended a private Lutheran school until middle school.  Around this time I realized that it was acceptable to not have religion and since I’ve proclaimed to either be atheist or agnostic. 

I’ve always loved music (I think more than the average person) and am more or less a self-taught song-writer / guitar player.  I started writing and recording my own original music in the late 1990’s and I’ve been producing new original music since 2020. All of my music can be found on SoundCloud as well as my YouTube channel.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can check out all my new music. And yes, I’m writing new music again. Also, a few of the song lyrics I’ve written can be found here too. You can listen to my newest song on AudioMack from this handy player. Enjoy!

I became involved in politics after the attacks on 9/11 and became an avid consumer of news.  I’ve found myself completely disgusted with Republican policies, hypocrisy and lack of empathy for human life.  I’ve actively been tweeting my thoughts since the 2016 Presidential election.